We have tons of chemistry

Jennifer and Josh BTS

almost 2 million you guys

A Special Cafe Request From Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence - Sprudge



So Jen really loves coffee.

Jen said she always goes to the same place to get her coffee every morning and we know that Josh isn’t much of a coffee person and same goes with whole foods, so which coffee & whole foods addict he has been with and shopping for all this month I wonder?

Parts I wish had made it from script to Catching Fire, 1/?

Peeta: *is at the window, looking down into the streets*
Katniss: *sits apart, pensive, clutching a pillow*
Peeta: They're going crazy down there.
Katniss: They won't cancel. They can't.
Peeta: *feels her looking at him* What?
Katniss: We got married?
Peeta: Apparently.
Katniss: And I'm pregnant?
Peeta: You look great--
Katniss: --Peeta.
Peeta: Sorry. Once I got started, I couldn't stop.
Katniss: Next time, maybe a little heads up?
Peeta: I can do that.
WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it

Capitol President & Prisoners / District 13 President & Rebels


this is what I mean by it shouldn’t be any different the other way round

tick tock




I mean of course I love catching fire the way it is but… would it have really killed them to add some of the well written lines in the original script?

I think LG has a lot to do with all these missing and deleted scenes that has any hint of enhancing the stature and the…





i took

a shower



are they just using her for everything now

I bet she’d be really proud if this.

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